Building for Discovery

Strategic Plan for
U.S. Particle Physics
in the
Global Context



Particle physics is a dynamic, successful, and global field. The U.S. particle physics community has come together to develop a clear vision for the future. These carefully chosen investments will enable discovery and maintain U.S. leadership in key areas.



Use the Higgs boson as a new tool for discovery.

Pursue the physics associated with neutrino mass.

Identify the new physics of dark matter.

Understand cosmic acceleration: dark energy and inflation.

Explore the unknown: new particles, interactions, and physical principles.


Particle Physics is both global and local. Scientists, engineers, and technicians at more than 160 universities, institutes, and laboratories throughout the U.S. are working in partnership with their international colleagues to build high-tech tools and components, conduct scientific research, and train and educate the next generation of innovators. Particle physics activities in the U.S. attract some of the best scientists from around the world.