Exploring the Quantum Universe

Pathways to Innovation
and Discovery
in Particle Physics

Report of the 2023
Particle Physics Project
Prioritization Panel

Illustration by Olena Shmahalo for U.S. Particle Physics

Particle physics studies the smallest constituents of our vast and complex universe. At such small scales, the fundamental principles of quantum physics prevail. Remarkably, the entire observable universe, now billions of light years across, was once so small as to be quantum in nature. This quantum history of the universe is imprinted on its large-scale structure.

The recommended program describes particle physics in three science themes. Within each of these themes we identify two focus areas, or science drivers, that represent the most promising avenues of investigation for the next 10 to 20 years.

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary

1: Introduction

2: The Recommended Particle Physics Program

3: Decipher the Quantum Realm

4: Illuminate the Invisible Universe

5: Explore New Paradigms in Physics

6: Investing in the Future of Science and Technology

7: A Technologically Advanced Workforce for Particle Physics and the Nation

8: Budgetary Considerations


Full List of Recommendations


In Memoriam